Develop the motivation and the means to explore new horizons.


Live your life aligned with your values and life purpose.


Get a balanced view of all your options and opportunities.


Move forward by processing the issues which are holding you back.


Face-to-Face Coaching

In-person coaching will usually takes place in our offices in Berlin. You can see our address in the footer. If you require face-to-face coaching at your premises, an additional cost for travel and expenses will be added to the fee.


When you book a coaching session on our booking system, you will be asked to make a payment for that session. Our payment system is Paypal, but a Paypal account is not required to make a payment. You will have the option to pay via credit card, or bank transfer if you prefer. You can get details on our fees when you book an INTRO call.

Loyalty refunds

Clients who require longer term coaching support will benefit from a one free session for every 10th booking with LakeHouse Coaching. This loyalty perk can either be delivered as a payment refund or as a bonus coaching session: you decide!

Online Coaching

We use the web conferencing system, Zoom, to schedule our online coaching sessions. You may need to download the application onto your smartphone or computer in advance. You can read all about Zoom on the company website.

Zoom Website

First steps

The INTRO call is a free session you can book with Lakehouse Coaching to give you a better understanding of our approach to coaching and enable you to see how comfortable you feel about the prospect of working with LakeHouse Coaching.

Book free INTRO call

Booking an Appointment

Our booking system is powered by the secure application 10to8. When you book a session, you will be transferred to the calendar on 10to8 and you will be able to see the available slots and select the time that suits you best.

10to8 website


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