Business Coaching

Change excellence

The true reputation, brand and success of a business is reflected not only in the quality of the products or services it sells, but also in the leadership culture, the team culture and the process culture within. Coaching for Business can help create that thriving culture.

When the most attractive talents with the most sought-after skills are limited in number and availability, acquiring and retaining the best people is a real and expensive challenge. Coaching for Business can help you retain your best people and enable your teams to deliver their best work.

Coaching is a powerful tool to help businesses strengthen their organisational resilience, enhance their sense of purpose and become better equipped to withstanding market turbulence. Coaching goes deeper than corporate messaging pushed through an internal communications or PR campaign.

Coaching for business supports the people side of change during large-scale transformation programmes. It focuses on engaging leaders more purposefully with employees and teams while empowering and enabling leaders to create the environment in which their people can develop and thrive.

In essence, coaching for organisations starts with each leader and the policies, programmes and procedures which define:

  • How you lead
  • How you collaborate
  • How you foster accountability
  • How you reward and celebrate achievements

What you can expect from me is strong change management, communications, project management and conflict resolution experience gained in the toughest, most complex corporate environments. I will listen, observe, be your sounding board and be your eyes and ears on the ground. I will be objective and honest with my feedback, with the intention to help you foster pride in your team and become even more successful together.

I am available, for instance, to accompany you through your transformation, support your employer branding efforts, develop your leadership programmes and executive positioning or to help build up a coaching programme within your company.

Book a consultation with  me today and let’s discuss how we can work together.