Team Coaching

Engage performance

As a team leader, have you always wished for more open communication and information-sharing within your team?

Wouldn’t it be great if your team members were more courageous about trying something new and more accountable when things go off-track or off-budget?

Do you want to invest in your team to build resilience, motivation, a collaborative mind-set and trust in your leadership?

Are you ready to take time to listen to the concerns and feedback from your team and learn how to create an environment in which for everyone can deliver their best work?

Our bespoke coaching programme for teams and team leaders is delivered on-site and remotely to  improve outcomes and performance.

What you can expect from the Team Coaching programme is powerful listening and facilitation to enable an open and honest communications culture, within your team.

Together, we will explore hidden opportunities, uncover underlying issues and find ways to engage with key stakeholders to ensure your success. You can count on me to help you review the situation, analyse your options and find the right path for you to deliver the best outcomes.

We will also explore techniques to engage more effectively with your team and become more communicative, more open to feedback, more willing to learn and more able to bring back fun into your working day.

If there are specific project challenges you would like to improve or inter-personal issues within your team which need careful resolution, I am available to facilitate a team workshop or support an ongoing initiative.